The Creative Colony is a collective of young entrepreneurs and creatives. We develop ideas, take them to market and across everything we do is an ambition to create better opportunity for the next generation.



Here's a little sample of what we've made so far...

A team of young creatives who are on a storytelling mission. We make films about societies most important issues, helping to create a better World.

You film it, we edit it. The affordable and friendly way to get a great short film. Perfect for any special occasion or event.

We make corporate films. For every film we make, a local young person is sent to the Surrey Film Academy for free tuition.

We are an independent film academy that is teaching people the practical skills needed in the industry. We have a wide range of courses, workshops and holiday clubs on offer throughout Surrey & London.

We are a team of young creatives who love taking pictures of events, people and places across the South East.

Coming soon...


Informed & Innovative

We take pride in our work and are very outcome focused. We believe that the more research we can do, the better the outcome & we believe in creating models that are different, think outside the box, push boundaries, maximises outcomes & challenge standard methods.


We have strong moral principles and want to use our ideas to enable positive change across society, to create opportunities and to support disadvantaged groups.

Youth Opportunities

Opportunity is not about how old you are. We champion opportunities for young professionals wherever possible. Anything we can do to help the next generation, we will.